Children in this age group are curious, active and inquisitive.  They are exploratory learners who learn through multi-sensory stimulation.  Learning experiences emphasise interactions and exploration.  We focus on developing the children’s expressive language and communication skills, affective and physical growth.  Routines are introduced which helps with learning and support the children’s efforts in adapting to the group setting and creating a greater sense of security and belonging.  Structured programs and experiences occur through daily interactions with adults and peers, manipulation of materials, play situations and exploration that continue to support children’s social-emotional and cognitive growth.

Children are exposed to numbers, alphabets and are also given the opportunities to explore sounds.  They are encouraged to develop interest in books and reading.  Their control and co-ordination of fine motor skills increase their ability to manipulate tools and to engage in early pre-writing experiences.


Children of this age group are assisted to develop the following skills:


  • Counting and recognition of numbers
  • Recognition of alphabets
  • Recognition of primary shapes and colours
  • Simple concept of opposites and abstract matters


  • Say short sentence with 3 to 5 words
  • Understand and follow simple verbal instruction
  • Able to name objects
  • Sign language – 12 words and songs

Gross Motor

  • Co-ordination of arms, legs and other parts of the body
  • Fundamental movement skills

Fine Motor

  • Able to draw lines and circle
  • Able to use scissors and cut strips
  • Able to thread through large holes

Self Help

  • Independence in basic daily tasks like eating and toileting


  • Able to regulate one’s emotion
  • Able to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect