The emphasis is on purposeful acquisition and understanding of content and concepts.  The activities in this age group reinforce children’s increasing competencies in using speech as a tool for learning and communication and displaying other different dispositions in the learning process.  More sophisticated and challenging physical exercises are programmed into the routines.  Social and emotional development continue to play important roles in the whole curriculum with the aims of developing individuals with high self-esteem, self-discipline, autonomy and confidence, and enhanced understanding of social etiquette, right and wrong, appreciation of rules and diversity in values and cultures.

Children are exposed to experiences involve problem solving, investigation, discussion and exploration which reflect children’s interests, curiosity and their quest for knowledge.

Structured and comprehensive preschool program are specially designed to promote readiness for school and lay good foundation for academic achievements.  Reading, phonics and numeracy skills are introduced as part of the curriculum.

The progress of each child is being monitored to ensure that there is a smooth transition to school.

By the time the child is ready for school, it is expected that he/she is able to perform the following skills:


  • Simple addition, subtraction and factors
  • Months and days of the year and tell time
  • Solar systems and states of Australia
  • General knowledge of other cultures and the world
  • Able to think logically and resolve simple problems


  • Able to read simple words/story books
  • Able to communicate
  • Simple greetings in other languages

Gross Motor

  • Physically fit, able to balance, co-ordinate and control different body parts

Fine Motor

  • Print own names, alphabets and words with tripod grip
  • Cut shapes and pictures
  • Tie bow and lace

Self Help

  • Fully independent
  • Disciplined and well-mannered
  • Simple survival skills



  • Respond to diversity with respect and is aware of fairness
  • Responsible and show respect for the community and the environment
  • Resilient and has a strong sense of emotional wellbeing

The attainment of the skills mentioned above would help to create a smooth transition to school and even a head start at school.

At the end of the preschool stage, the teacher will prepare a “transition to school” statement for families to take to the future school.  The statement provides detailed information about the child which is necessary for future planning of appropriate educational programs for the child.