Children’s growth and progress through life is largely dependent on the physical, social and emotional surroundings in which they spend their formative years.  We believe in providing an inclusive environment for children to explore, somewhere that the child would feel comfortable, valued and loved (Belonging).  Childcare centers are one of the places that children can experience life’s pleasures and challenges, while at the same time develop their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills (Being).  Quality childcare can help to lay good foundations for the children’s future advancements (Becoming).

It is important that children are respected and loved.  They need to be assured that ‘they are special and important’ from the moment they are born.  Therefore, one of our aims is to provide ‘Love and Affection’.  Knowing God’s unconditional love is one of the ways that helps us to understand what true love means.  So, we teach our children about God’s love.

On the other hand, we believe positive relationship between the educators and the children would help the children to develop a healthy identity and view of others.  The children will carry these positive attitudes, thoughts and beliefs later into their adolescence and adulthood.


Our beliefs are:

  • every child is unique and different – in terms of her cultural and family background; genetic inheritance; physical and intellectual abilities; likes and dislikes, etc.
  • every child is gifted – in different aspects. Our job is to work with the parents to discover the child’s talent and help her to develop it to its full potential.


We also believe that children learn through play. Through playing, the children explore their environment and their surroundings.  We aim at providing a secure and trusting environment for the children to explore.


Every individual child comes from a different background.  We respect the diverse cultural backgrounds of the children and their families.  We endeavor to cater for their different needs and treat every individual with fairness.  We also appreciate that some children and families may have additional needs.  Our role is to create an environment that can also accommodate them.