Our curriculum emphasizes a holistic approach. We build on the children’s strengths and capabilities.  We challenge the children’s abilities at different ages and expand their experiences.  Our purpose is to assist the children to develop to their best potential.  We ensure that there is continuity in the learning process when the children are transferred to a different age group in the Centre. Learning disposition is encouraged and enabled in children through the provision of stimulating environment and various kinds of activities.
Our curriculum follows the guidelines set by the Early Year Learning Framework.  In addition, Kiddyland also customises the curriculum to suit the individual child based on their interests, abilities and developmental needs.  The years in the early childhood education is important in laying foundations for children’s lifelong learning experience.  Kiddyland aims at creating an enjoyable, meaningful and memorable experience for children who stay with us, with the ultimate purposes of assisting the children to become confident, responsible and competent individuals

Features of Our Curriculum

Desirable Outcomes of Learning

  • Children are confident and have a strong sense of identity
  • Children can share and take turns with others. They know how to relate to others and respect the diversity of people around them.
  •  Children become socially responsible for their community and they respect their environment
  •  Children have good social skills. They are strong both emotionally and physically
  •  Children can resource their own ways of learning
  •  Children can communicate effectively
  •  Children are happy and healthy individuals

Learning will be focused on developing the skills below:

  •  Language and Literacy
  •  Motor Skills
  •  Numeracy
  •  Social & Emotional
  •  Creativity