Age above 3 –...

Age above 3 – preschoolers

Children in this group become more interested in manipulating real objects to achieve meaningful goals in the concrete and social world surrounding them.  They learn to refine and regulate their motor skills.  They also learn to regulate their mental attention and thus, their power of concentration.  The curriculum is therefore planned to expose the preschoolers to more experiences, to help them to understand more concepts and be ready to take on more challenges.

The curriculum for this age focuses on developing children’s literacy and numeracy skills to more advanced levels and preparing them ready for school emotionally, academically and behaviourally.

Different activities are planned for each day so as to expose the children to a great variety of experiences.  Activities cover areas like practical life, sensorial, literacy, numeracy, culture, science, cooking, hygiene, nature and human relationship.  Numeracy and literacy activities are generally carried out in small group settings as the abilities of children vary and children at similar level will be grouped together.

The graduates of this group are expected to be able to compose words phonetically and understand simple Mathematics operation.  More importantly, other attributes we aim to cultivate in them are respectfulness, resourcefulness, self-motivation and self-discipline.